Boy’s Basketball

Ayden Hutchinson, Staff Writer

As of right now, the Canyon Ridge Basketball Team’s members are still being decided. But with tryouts earlier today, it is a great time to talk about basketball. So let’s talk about that. The training for basketball includes scrimmage, sprinting back and forth across the court, and shooting hoops. Let’s start with the basics, any official basketball team has to have 10 players. Some equipment is required to play the game as well. This being a basketball, Shoes that provide good support for the ankles, and maybe a mouthguard. Basketball is a very fast-paced sport as compared to others, which is a reason why many enjoy it so much. In order to understand why basketball is enjoyed so much, I asked a couple of people their thoughts about the game. And why it was enjoyable for them. When asked about this, interviewee Clay Hill said “I love the sport and the team. It’s a great environment to be in, and it’s  a lot of fun.” I also asked Carter Powell about this, and to this, he replied “It’s a very fast-paced sport and it requires everyone to work together to achieve their goals. It’s  a lot of fun for me, the team, and the people watching.” Carter also responded to the question of why he tried out for it by saying “It’s a fun sport and I’d love to be on the team so I could enjoy it even more.” Basketball also comes with quite a few health benefits as well. One of these being that it burns quite a large amount of calories, about 800 an hour depending on how large you are of course. It helps build endurance, especially in the legs. This is great for running if that interests you. And finally, it builds up balance and coordination. The way it does this is that it takes quite a bit of precision to be able to score, and being able t dribble while running also takes some amount of skill. Overall, basketball is a very fast-paced, fun, and god sport to play if your overall health is a concern for you.