The Fat Turkey over the Fat Jolly Old Man

Kaylee Amos, Staff Writer

As we enter the all American, Autumn season, with baked beans, bread, buns, and casserole, we celebrate something most of us don’t fully honor. All you need to know is that you get gravy, turkey, and pumpkin season arrives. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy the pumpkin season? The season is crisp, chill, and the demon bugs begin to die off. Living the high life, you have your limited-time pumpkin churro from taco johns.

     Then, the Christmas music starts playing. Come on, people, it’s the time to be thankful. I already hear the snarky remarks like “I have nothing to be thankful for,” but yes, you do. That is not the issue we have though; it is the fact that we play Christmas music and decorate for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving is over. Even on Halloween, a freshman, unnamed for safety, dressed in a Christmas sweater. I understand our weather is bipolar and it snowed in October, we were able to even build a snowman, but it’s not okay to cheat on the holidays.

     While asking students of all grades, Christmas is clearly the favorited holiday. I mean, of course, it is, but Thanksgiving is a holiday we all take for granted. We focus on the food and days off school instead of our family. This holiday is to bring people closer. I asked Gavin Lloyd, (9), what his favorite out of the two was, it was Christmas, no surprise there. Thinking about the two holidays, many enjoy the company they’re around when receiving a gift. We have a choice to focus on our families more than gifts, so why do we decorate and get excited for Christmas more than Thanksgiving?