Freshman Glow Ups

Shelby Geiger, Staff Writer

Do you remember whenever guests came over mom would show your baby pictures when you had those ugly bangs that cut right across your face. Well many years have passed since those days and we have changed a lot. We look different some for the best, but some don’t even look recognizable compared to their baby pictures. Some of us used to wear the ugliest clothes our parents could find us like those glittery sequin shirts that changed colors. Those were the good days where you can wear whatever you wanted. Since freshmen are the youngest some of us have not hit out glo up stage yet and still look pretty similar to our old selves. Some of us on the other hand have changed a lot. Now we wear what is the style but really just ripped up jeans with a basic thrasher shirt and those white vans that everyone has. If almost anyone has them that’s when you know not to get them. Another thing that used to look terrible when we were younger was our hair. The casual hairstyle was two little ponytails or pigtails or our hair would just be in this big mess other people not knowing if you had taken a bath in a week or you were just playing in a huge mud pit and your hair took the brunt of it.  Now the standard is straightened or curled hair. I asked some freshman some questions about their glo-up. One girl said that she feels more confident in herself and happier, another said that she feels like she looked better when she was younger. I also asked what they used to wear when they were younger, “PINK” is the only word that she used to express her style. The the other said that she wore a lot of dresses and skirts and was a more girly girl than a tomboy. Sadly some of us weren’t so lucky. Overall everyone changes from when they were younger to when they were older. Some of us it hits like a truck and some like a little pebble.