Girls Basketball

Shelby Geiger, Staff Writer

Swish , you just drained a three, and the crowd goes wild that’s the meaning of the game. Our girls basketball teams played off against gooding and woodriver this last week. The Gooding Senators faced off against our girls junior varsity first, they didn’t have a team for our freshmen girls to play against. The Canyon Ridge Girls start off strong scoring within the first few minutes. As the halves go on the score becomes close but the Hawks prevail and pull ahead. At the end of the 4th quarter CRHS is ahead and the clock counts down the last few seconds. This is the Junior Varsity’s first win of the season. With the JV game over it is time for the Varsity game to begin. The game starts out as a usual basketball game usually does each team scoring against the other back to back. The Canyon Ridge girls turn it up a notch and begin to play faster, more aggressive, and smarter. This puts them ahead , and continue to push and keep the lead to the very end. The girls celebrate their very first win of the season as well. The girls have their second game of the week against The Woodriver Wolverines. The Freshmen and Junior Varsity girls start off the night. The Freshmen team don’t start off good but push to tie the score. The game is a constant back and forth game one team scoring ahead and the other team coming right back. The girls pushed til the end but ended up losing by only a few points. Making their record 4-4 hopefully they can change that. The Junior Varsity girls still hyped from their win their previous game, that they continue their winning streak. Pushing hard they keep the game fast, and end the game with yet another win. The Varsity girls game kicks off with a rough start for the Hawks. The girls work their butts off continuing to push through Woodrivers plays. The Varsity girls come up short in the end. The girls will play Burley and Twin Falls for their upcoming games.