Teske’s New Study Program

Kristalyn Valdez, Features Editor

Canyon ridge has many great students. Students that go above and beyond with their work, and doing the best they can to get the grades they want. But they may not be getting recognition. Grades can reflect the work that students put into school, but not everyone sees each other’s grades. Sometimes it’s nice to get rewarded for your hard work. Well, now those above and beyond students can show off that they are hard-working. All they have to do is track what they do.
The new study program that Dr. Teske has presented to the school can earn students long lunches just by studying 60 minutes (1hr) at home a day. Within a whole school week, that’s 300 minutes(5hrs). Most students probably spend their extra time watching TV or playing video games or on their cell phones. We can put that time to use and study for that test or quiz that’s tomorrow or read more about something you didn’t understand or finish up that homework for that one class. You can achieve so much work within an hour.
Students can also earn accountability day off if all they have to go for is attendance. Some students have excellent grades and do well in school. But for some reason, they have to go to accountability day. That is because of attendance. Someone could have straight A’s but have to come to accountability day because they couldn’t make it to school a few times. Why do they have to go? They don’t need to fix their grade. What are they going to do? Sit there? They could be enjoying a day off. Well, with the study program, when students keep track of the time they’ve worked at home, they can make up for those attendance issues and have that day off as they earned. Tracking their study time is like keeping proof that they deserve that day off.
ATTENTION CANYON RIDGE STUDENTS!!! Study. That test that is stressing you out, you could pass. You could finally understand a concept that confuses you. You have the power to be great. Use it. And make this place “the most positive place on the planet.”