Iran and the U.S.

Yzabella Eggers, Humor Editor

A Cold War that has been brewing since the 1950s finally resurfaced in the face of the news after President Donald Trump ordered a drone strike on Irans’ military leader, Qasem Soleiman. Although tensions have died down since Iran’s latest threat to the United States, here is the timeline of events of the US and Iran’s love-hate relationship.
-1953: The United States plans to overthrow Iran’s prime minister Mohammed Massdeq
-1979: the Iranian Revolution begins, and Iran begins to hold United States hostages for 444 days, and 52 hostages were freed in January of 1981, and 6 escaped, and a movie was later made about those 6
-1985: The United States secretly ships weapons to Iran to allegedly get help from Tehran to free US hostages and puts former President Ronald Reagen at odds
-1988: US warship shoots down the Iranian plane, killing all 290 passengers. The US mistook this plane for a fighter jet and accidentally killed 290 innocent passengers.
-2002: President George Bush denounces that Iran is part of a ̈axis of evil ̈, which makes Iranians outrage.
-Most 2000s (after 9/11): Cold War begins with Iran stating that they have started to create nuclear facilities
-2013 to 2016: Former President Barack Obama and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani speak via phone call to discuss things, in 2015 Iran agrees on a deal relating to limiting Iran’s nuclear powers with world powers like China, UK, Russia, France, and Germany.
-2018 to 2019: Tensions in the Gulf begin to arise as President Donald Trump abandons nuclear deal and relations between the US and Iran progressively get worse. The US blames Iran for six oil tankers blowing up. Then, Iran shot down a US military drone a few months later.
Now, tensions have died down, and the pattern continues between the United States and Iran.