Kylee Grestl’s Full-Ride Scholarship

Mackenzie Wilder, Staff Writer

Have you ever had a dream about getting a full-ride scholarship to college? Kylee Grestl (12) is a Canyon Ridge softball player and recently signed with CSI to play for them next year. Kylee is a great catcher and a fun teammate. She is good at batting.
I asked Kylee, “What is the CSI coach’s name?” She said, “Nick Baumert.” Kylee is very excited, and she thinks she will have so much fun. She is most passionate about getting to go to school and continue her education while playing softball. I asked her, “In order to have gotten a scholarship, how often did you practice?” She said, “ I practiced a lot with CSI. I went in and hit and caught the pitchers, and he mainly saw me play for his team over the summer!” Kylee said some key factors that helped her decide to sign with CSI were, it is home to her, and she can still be close to her family, especially her little sister Gracie.
Kylee has been playing softball since she was five years old. She has played softball for traveling teams here in Idaho. She has played for Magic Valley Sooners, Jerome Strike, Southern Idaho Ice, and many more. I asked Kylee, “ Would you still go to college if you didn’t get a scholarship?” She said, “ Yes, I would still go to college without a scholarship! Softball is just a plus along with it!” She said she is going to college to become a registered nurse.