PDA Alert

Stop PDA

Cadence Ehlers, Staff Writer

Have you ever been walking down the hall to your next class, and you see them. The many couples in corners are behind walls making out. I’m sure you have; they are everywhere! I am also sure you have been one of those couples someone has come near. Most people don’t think twice about it because it is so common, and a lot of people do it; there is no point in saying anything or calling them out. 

Some people get very disgusted

When they have to turn a corner and see a couple making out or being “gross” together. But let’s be honest you can’t say anything if you have also been one of those couples. Most of the time, people only get uncomfortable when they are being real, you know, intimate in the halls or they are standing in front of the way they have to walk, and they won’t move or stop and go to class. 

If you have ever been one of those couples sticking your tongues in each other’s mouth and a teacher caught you, then that’s when it gets uncomfortable for you. If you are trying to say “bye” to your boyfriend or girlfriend and a teacher sees you, they will do one of two things. They will yell at you to get to class, and if they do that, it isn’t that weird, but you might feel a little embarrassed that you were caught. But to be fair, you can’t make out in the hall and expect a teacher to ignore it. Another thing a teacher will do if they catch you is they will stand right next to you guys to make you uncomfortable and stare at you, or get close to you and make you walk away.

So if you are planning on making out every time you see your boyfriend/ girlfriend, maybe do it somewhere where you won’t get caught and yelled at, or somewhere there won’t be a lot of people to see you unless your weird and like that stuff, but that’s rather gross. Or don’t stick your tongue down your girlfriend’s throat in the middle of the hall and maybe wait until there is a bit more privacy, and it won’t be weird.