Late Night Hours

Crackhead Hours to be more Precise

Cadence Ehlers, Staff Writer

Crackhead hours. This is an enjoyable time in the middle of the night where you are either, so sleep deprived you’re going crazy, or you get this little wave of crazy go over you after like 2 a.m. A lot of people have experienced being mad during this time and have done some funny or wild things. 

Crackhead hours is a time in the middle of the night where people, mostly teens, kind of go crazy and start acting crazy and doing unexplainable things. Most of the time, this is caused by you being sleep deprived, or you and your friends are just being dumb. During crackhead hours, almost anything can happen, and it is not easily explained, but the best and funniest things happen when you have more and more friends with you. You get this random burst of energy out of nowhere, and your brain is not functioning right. 

Some of my favorite things my friends and I have done during crackhead hours is one time three of my friends and I decided to walk on the highway at 3 in the morning, and we got caught by the cops, and we were in a lot of trouble. We have also snuck out to look at the stars in my friend’s front yard or snuck out to go on a walk with some boys in my friend’s neighborhood. We have gone for drives and screamed out the windows songs or just random things we find hilarious even if it wasn’t. Some of the best moments between friends happen during crackhead hours because they make the best memories and the best stories to tell later in life. If you ever happen to experience crackhead hours, I suggest doing the funniest and craziest things you can think of and make good memories with your friends and make your life just a little more interesting.