Shelby Geiger Kicking Around Dropping Out

Shelby Geiger, Staff Writer

In my first year of high school, I have already had thoughts of dropping out. When I was in middle school, some high schoolers would come to visit the school and talk about how amazing high school was going to be. I believed them, and yes, we get more freedom in high school then we did in middle school, but it’s not as glamorous as they claimed it to be. We have eight 45 minute classes every day, except for Thursdays when we get an hour lunch. Still, if you don’t have a car, you’ll have to live off of panda express, Walmart, and a few other places, but after a while, they get somewhat dull and old.

So I have started to reconsider high school, and I still have three more years in this place. If I was to drop out, I think people would be surprised since I’m a pretty good student most of the time, and I do good in school. That doesn’t mean that I like school though, for example, today we had snow there were so many delays, but they didn’t cancel school. When there are over 50 students that can’t get here on time, I woke up this morning with no life in my body, the last thing I wanted to do was go to school mainly because I had to dress up because we had a home game.

High school is a lot worse than I expected, not necessarily the work just having to come to school for eight periods every day. At least in middle school, there were fun things that you got to do and didn’t have to focus on school the entire time, but high school not so much. If I were to drop out, I would probably work at Mcdonalds and live at home, and that would be the life.