Basketball Girls

Shelby Geiger, Staff Writer

Everyone says that basketball girls are just loud and annoying, but we have our reasons. You can’t play basketball and be quiet; you’ll never be right. So it’s hard to tone that down off the court, so that’s why are the way we are. Basketball girls are also adamant because let’s say sometimes you slip or trip or fall for a random reason. We take the punches and falls even if they hurt. Some of them take others intentionally, not so much. There are other pains to basketball than just falling.

One is when you are guarding a good dribbler, and she crosses over and breaks your ankles. That is one of the worst pains, especially if there are a lot of people watching. If she gets you good, your ankles are gone. Many embarrassing things can happen during basketball that you never want to happen to you. When you get a beautiful steal and are going for a layup and miss the wide-open layup, that’s one of the worst things because no one is there, and it’s just you. Another thing is air balling a free-throw or a three-pointer that are always embarrassing because you should at least hit the rim, but nope, it just falls short.

Basketball is still exciting through all the embarrassing moments. It gives you a chance to become closer to your teammates and bond. During the season, you have a lot of fun memories and new friends this season has been a little crazy from home games to away games. In the end, I’m going to miss it, and I can’t wait for next year. All basketball girls have that crazy energy that everyone hears when they walk down the halls of school. None of the other sports match the power that they bring.