Trix Should Stop its Discrimination and Make it for Everyone

Matthew Thatcher, Staff Writer

Trix has been in America since 1954, and their main slogan has been “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.” But what if the parents want to eat some too, huh? Trix tells them that they are not allowed to and if they try to get that sugary goodness, that they will be stopped and called out. But they still want some cereal. They have been called out and discriminated for years now, and we need to revolt! We need to go and ask questions! We need them to stop the discrimination between them. Between the years that they came out, customers have complained about the SHAPE. They have had Trix reshape their famous cereal, so if they can change a cereal type from a square to a ball, then they can improve their marketing quote. We need to teach them a lesson and show them not to be discriminatory. Now, this is easily able to be seen as a joke, which it is, but sometimes it’s not. There have been many problems with their commercials before, such as a few of them had to be deleted and were not accepted by the public for many reasons. These reasons are to be kept secret, because they may be seen as offensive.

Now listen here… There are many extreme reasons why they are seen as discriminating, and here are a few: Maybe adults DO want to eat them, maybe rabbits like the fruity taste, or perhaps he forgot his pills and wants to grab them. Still, they are behind the bowl of cereal, and that is why he is seen as crazy because he hasn’t taken his pills yet. Now we can never know the real story because his agents would not allow me to get an interview with the rabbit himself, as he is plotting for a new way to get his cereal, or whatever it may be, but I met the child in the commercial and I talked to her. She said that they are just very overprotective over there cereal, as that that was the first-ever box to be made with that label, and it was seen as an American treasure, so they have to guard it against a life-size skinny rabbit. Now that’s all folks, I hope to hear from you next time, but I have to film a commercial again. See you next time!