Which Pumpkin Spiced Foods are Worth It?

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Since the pumpkin spice trend has blown up, many different brands have created their own products with the flavor. There have been versions of this weird flavor in spam, sausage, and even salsa. But going into the sweet side there are Oreos, Kit Kats, cereal, Peeps, gum, M&M’s, cookies, and the most popular, the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. 

To test all these weird products that are on the market right now, seven students sampled different foods. They tried pumpkin spice M&Ms, special K, Nutri Grain bars, donuts, and the pumpkin spice latte. The first thing to try were the m&ms. I had everyone rate the different foods as either a pass or a fail. Half the students said the M&Ms were a pass and half said they were a fail, it was noticed that you could taste the flavor in the beginning, but not throughout the middle. 

The second food was the limited edition pumpkin spice donuts. Many students said they didn’t look amazing but tasted great. Most gave it a pass but said they couldn’t taste the spice and it just tasted like a donut. 

Next, we had them tried the Nutri grain bars. The students all agreed that they did not look appetizing.  Only one student liked them and the rest gave it a fail. 

One of the last ones was special K pumpkin spice cereal. Everyone really the pieces and said It tasted like pumpkin spice. It even smelled good before trying them.

Last but not least was the pumpkin spiced latte. It was not a fresh one from Starbucks but a bottled version you can buy at the store. Everyone agreed it didn’t taste like pumpkin spice. There was a mix between pass and fails for the drink but they all overall agreed that it was good. 

In the end, the most liked pumpkin spice food was the donuts even though they didn’t have a distinct flavor. The least liked food was the Nultrigrain bars and both of these products are available at Fred Myers.