In The Mind of Lucy Garcia


Shelby Geiger, Staff Writer

Lucy walks through the halls with a smile on her face. Known for being the most positive person in the room, Lucy gains many smiles from others. She has been at Canyon Ridge for the past three years. This year she faces not only a global pandemic but the excitement of her senior year. A lot can happen in four years; you gain much knowledge about the school and the people around you. Lucy has been an outgoing person in her time at Canyon Ridge by being a two-sport athlete and is involved in synergy and student council. She is motivational to others around her. In the activities Lucy does, she is able to spread positivity by being a hard worker, a good team player, and doing her part to contribute. When playing soccer, Lucy pushes herself hard in the hope that she is pushing others harder.

Lucy says that “My sophomore year was my best year because I learned more about myself than others, and it made me into the young, independent woman I am today.” During this current basketball season, Lucy has been very motivational to the team, either in a hard practice or a challenging game. She is always cheering the team on, pushing them to work harder, or comforting other players when they feel like they’ve messed up. She motivates many without knowing it. Lucy has plans to attend college at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. When talking about this plan, Lucy seemed excited that she gets to pursue a passion of hers. When asked, Lucy says that she wants to leave behind her crazy and positive energy to everyone who chooses to be kind.