Is Cheer a Sport?


There is so much about how cheerleading isn’t a sport. Cheerleaders, other jocks, and even students who don’t do sports have many arguments over this topic. Here are a few reasons why cheerleading is a sport. Firstly, defines a sport as an athletic activity that requires prowess or skill and often a competitive nature. Given this information, cheerleading meets all the requirements. Secondly, I don’t know how many students look at cheerleaders besides to just to base them of their looks, but their formations, flips, tumbles, and tosses are kind of difficult to do. This takes quite the skill and prowess, and sport contains. Also, the primary purpose of a cheerleader is to either spur on competitiveness o to express themselves. An athletic activity usually includes competition and so does cheer. Gymnastics is considered a sport and is even in the Olympics every year. Cheerleaders do the same thing as gymnast just in different ways. Cheer requires throwing 100 lbs girls as gymnast need beam tricks. This also goes with the fact that cheerleaders and gymnasts both tumble as a way of boosting the technique score on score sheets. Many events are pointing to cheerleading being a sport. A lot of cheerleaders join other sports to stay in shape when cheer is out of season or during a season too. Cheerleaders either have to lift and toss or be lifted and be tossed. The ones being thrown have to have a lot of courage for the point that they are putting their life at risk. They have put their trust in the people assigned to catch them. If misplaced, a neck or anything else could be snapped. About 16,000 cheerleaders get injured in cheer related accidents. That’s more than any other sports activity in the world.