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  • The Riverhawk Review has an Instagram page! Click on the link in the top, left corner!
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Class of 2024 is going to Santa Monica

Photo credit: Mrs. Kristy Obreg
Senior President David Anderson and Vice President Lucy McGee pitching Santa Monica trip to Twin Falls School District Board

Senior Trips have been a tradition at Canyon Ridge High School since it opened in 2009. Normally, about 75 to 80 students will attend a senior trip. This year, the class of 2024 has reached 150 students who will be going on the senior trip to Santa Monica, California.

From May 6 to 8, the senior class of 2024 will spend their senior trip exploring Santa Monica. It will be the largest senior class trip in Canyon Ridge history.

On the first day of the senior trip, they’ll take three 3 buses and see the Santa Monica Pier. The second day will start with going to Universal Studios and then to a Dodgers Game. On the third day, students will be heading back to Twin Falls.

When the student council is planning a senior trip, certain rules must be followed. First off, they are required to look at locations within a 12-hour bus ride radius and then pitch the idea to their fellow council members for voting. Once it is brought down to three possible locations, the student council will present the options to the senior class for a vote. When the senior class has picked their number one choice, the student council will then go into further planning and present it to the school board. This year, Senior Class President David Anderson and Senior Class Vice President Lucy McGee attended a meeting with the school board where the senior trip was approved by the Twin Falls School Board.

How has the class of 2024 been able to pull out all the stops for their senior trip? For the last two years, the senior classes have spent their trips going to places such as Utah and Denver. So where did all this money come from?

When talking to Mrs. Kristy Oberg, Student Council Advisor at Canyon Ridge, she explained that “as freshmen student council, any fundraisers [2024 student council] did for their graduating class, that money goes into their [class of 2024 budget]… their sophomore year they put on Sadie Hawkins. Junior class put on prom… As seniors, homecoming” The class of 2024 throughout their four years were able to raise $12,000 of a budget to put towards their senior trip.

With a trip this size and distance, there are bound to be worries from the admin. “As an adult, I am always worried about our students as they go so far away. I would like something closer because if there is a problem, I could try and help by being closer to the trip,” Mr. Scott Thompson, Interim Principal at CRHS explained.

However, beyond just the size and distance of the trip, the cost has been a substantial question. “I did not think that we were [going to] be able to afford it. I’m shocked that the money we have is really bringing a three-day, two-night trip in a very reasonable range” Mrs. Oberg stated.

The 2024 student council calculated the cost of how much each student would need to pay by taking how many students will be going and dividing that into the cost of the trip. “I was worried… I didn’t think that many people wanted to pay [$265] to go, but looking back on it, it’s kind of a very good price” Lucy McGee, Senior Vice President, stated.

The class of 2024 student council pushed to be able to go to Santa Monica, a class of 2024 student council member, Natalie Inigues explained“…the thought of being able to go to California was pushing our limits just a little as classes before [2024 student council] have tried to make it happen and weren’t successful–being told that a trip like this was ‘unrealistic’, and to put our efforts into planning something else. With that, I would say that is why I was motivated and determined to make this trip happen.”

The third bus has been cancelled due to senior class not having enough money and the bus not getting filled, only 34 of 54 spot were filled. If you are on the third bus go to Mrs. Oberg’s room and she will get you refunded. If not enough people come to get their refund, kids not on track to graduate or have not paid in full will be taken off.

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I am a staff reporter for our paper, the Riverhawk Review. I am in my senior year of high school. I have been working on the newspaper since 2022. This year, my goal for the newspaper is to inform people of Twin Falls and our school about all that is happening. I am very excited to be a part of a fantastic team here and be a part of informing the school and community. A bit of me, my spirit animal is King Julian from Madagascar. I am currently in HOSA alongside the newspaper. I am really excited to see what this year brings!

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    Leslie SackmasterMar 19, 2024 at 11:49 am

    You guys are going to have so much fun!