Nayeli Towell

Looking for something to help you relieve stress from chaotic school work and help improve your memory? Drawing and Painting is the way to go! Drawing and Painting are proved to help students memory and concentration skills. It helps with critical thinking, communication and listening skills. Drawing and Painting also helps a student relax and have deep thinking. It is like a little brain break for the student. Students are overwhelmed by school, work, and other after school activities. Drawing and Painting give students more creativity, which could also be a real benefit for the kids because teens now need more creativity in their work. Drawing and Painting can help kids express the feelings that distract them from school. The kid’s art could help spread a word to, like giving a message to other kids and giving motivation. There are so many pros to having art in education then cons. Art has also been proven that it could help with test scores. Why should we study the important qualities of art? The important qualities of art can help with are, listening, and responding to multiple perspectives. There has been a substantial increase in arts educational experiences with students academics, social, and emotional outcomes. The Drawing and Painting class here at the Ridge is taught by Mr. Smith. He is an incredible teacher and teaches and helps kids with their art. He draws from his soul and gets really deep with the drawings. Mr. Smith teaches all grades and loves helping kids. He doesn’t like it when kids slack off, so if you are interested in taking his class, then make sure to be focused! Elise Rivera (15) says, “It is a really fun class, it has helped my brain relax after a stressful day. It has made my drawing skills so much better too!” Kizti (15) says, “Sometimes I do slack off, and Mr. Smith calls me out on it, but it helps me get back on track. The class is like a brain rest for me because after the class. I feel more relaxed and less stressful.” Art can really help students with education. If you are interested in Drawing in Painting and wonder what kind of work they do, walk down the 100 halls where you will find some of the drawings by Mr. Smiths classroom.