Boys Basketball


Carter Powell, Staff Writer

Boy’s basketball at Canyon Ridge is halfway through the schedule, and the season is in full swing. Let’s check up on how the teams are doing. I interviewed Clay Hill, a center on the JV Basketball team, about how his season has gone so far. The JV team has gone about .500 on the season so far, and according to Clay, “[The season] is going pretty great because we work well together as a team and all enjoy playing and are progressing as players.” They have played “about ten games” and are halfway through the season. Clay told me the JV team’s chemistry is excellent; “JV’s fun, and we have a great time.” The junior varsity basketball team is having a good season and are looking to continue that success as the schedule progresses.

The varsity team is also having a good season so far. Varsity’s record is hovering around .500, at 6-7. I interviewed Coach Van Hofwegen about the Varsity season. Instead of a star player, Coach stated, “We talk about team ball. Our biggest strength is each other. There is no MVP in our eyes, our team is the MVP.” According to Coach Van Hofwegen, “I think the best game we have played is the Kimberly game. We won 69-54. They are a very good undefeated 3A team. We shot well and played a complete game. ” I was also curious about the most anticipated game of the basketball season, the crosstown rivalry versus Twin Falls. Coach outlined his outlook for the game, ” Expectations are to play well and continue to do what we are doing and that is playing team basketball.” He also said that the game should be an exciting event, ” It’s a fun game and a great environment, I think every student should go to the game for the experience, go cheer on your school and be apart of something bigger than yourself. Go and have fun.”

At the midway point through the season, both the JV and Varsity basketball programs are in an excellent position for a winning campaign. Hawk Basketball is in a great spot, and we are improving every year. It appears that CR basketball is trending firmly upwards.