Run for Fun


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Ryker Holtzen running at the cross country meet.

Taylor Benoit, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Cross country is a challenging sport. Nobody really agrees, but these runners usually run around 6-8 miles each day. Yes, most of the time, it is broken up, so it is not just straight up 8 miles, but sometimes it is. I asked three people the same questions about cross country, the first question is for Kenzie and the question was why do you do cross country? She responded “because I like to run and it makes me feel better and I can think about everything.” I also asked Ella the same question on why she does cross country and she said, “I do cross country because on a physical level it challenges me and pushes me to do my best. I like the idea that my competition each week is myself, that really makes all the difference when wanting to better your times and do your best at each meet. On the social side of things, most of us have been doing cross country since we were in middle school and we’ve all become a little family which i love being apart of. Everyone cheers everyone else on which is super special to me, each of us are welcomed with open arms by our coaches each practice and by each other, we all just want to see everyone doing their best. When I asked Ella and Kenzie about what their favorite year of cross country was they both said this year but Ella went a little more into detail. “I would have to say this year because each year seems to be a little better than the last because you get stronger and faster and you have a better idea of what is going on. Last year was a really special year for me because I got my best time and felt the most in shape but this year it has been fun comparing my times to last year and seeing my progress.”